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E. Michael Friend and John Hardham of Laughing Deva, LLC and Light Wave Communications have 40 years of experience in the film and video world as producers and directors, writers and editors 

"If there is one driving force in my life it is looking for 'beauty.' I also equate that to the need to find inspiration in everything that surrounds me. We become inspired by using our senses, listening, watching, touching, tasting. And by paying attention to opportunities that present themselves. "-- Michael Friend

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At Laughing Deva Productions, we are looking for projects that will inspire us to create something

that will rouse others to awaken to

an idea, an incentive or an invention.
In collaboration with our team of artists
we offer an integrated approach
to multimedia campaigns. 



Party Bound

The Dalles Music Video

Indy Award Winner


Telly Award Winner




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