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     The world is in crisis.
Action is needed.

Our vision:

Repurposing this building to support dedicated non-profits, and perhaps for profits, who have global ready solutions for climate change dilemmas who wish to provoke youth and adults to step up, and into action. In particular, our mission is to seek the groups who want to engage the newly adult 19-30 year olds who are looking for a true purpose, and actual fieldwork application.


We invite men and women who are seeking to sponsor and coordinate such an enterprise, to talk with us.


This building could house multiple change-minded organizations. Included: co-working spaces. Course space with breakout rooms. Possibility of a residential course.

 —The 2121 Facility—
 • 2 level, 10,000 sq.ft. 1910 schoolhouse 

 • high-ceilings; abundant windows

 • wheelchair access on main level
 • 4 meeting rooms, (28’x30'..1 w/ kitchen)
 • 1 meeting room, (50’x25')
   w/ stage; toilet; kitchen

 • 1 hour from Portland Int'l Airport

 • 7 miles from downtown Hood River.





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